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Applications for research users

GrassPortal is designed for scientists in the ecological and evolutionary research communities.


1. Climate Change Science

What is the realized climatic niche for each grass species? How is the spatial extent of this niche likely to change under future climate change scenarios?


2. Crop Science

What are the closest wild relatives of crop species? Which of these species has traits of interest for crop breeding, such as survival in arid or infertile conditions?


3. Conservation Biology

What are the geographical ranges and habitats of rare grass species?
Are these species adequately protected in existing conservation areas?
What land-use factors are likely to be contributing to their decline?


4. Evolutionary Biology

To what extent do closely related grass taxa share a similar ecological niche? How have environmental factors driven the evolution of biological traits?


5. Restoration Ecology and Turfgrass Science

Which grass species have a suitable growth form, and the habitat, climatic and soil requirements for work in different countries?

6. Systematics

How do classical taxonomies compare to phylogenetic relationships?
What characters are shared by members of each grass lineage?